Planetary Protech is redefining Space Suit Design and Technology with MECSuit Architecture. (Modular and Evolution Capable).

The Space industry has entered a new era of science, engineering and off-World exploration since the coming together of Government Agencies and the Uber rich entrepreneurs of the emerging commercial space sector. Pioneered by SpaceX and NASA. Fuelled by Bezos and Branson and now gathering pace from the investments of Billionaires, private corporations and equity funders in concepts and Start-ups across the Globe. The game is on to monetise the opportunities in space, the final frontier.

However we travel. Whatever we land on. What we do when we get there. We need to be protected by Space Suits that meet the demands of the environment and the circumstances astronauts find themselves in. MECSuits are the future of space suit design. Modular and Evolution Capable, MECSuits are based on a single architecture that incorporates Plug-in modules, programmable intelligent materials and textiles and a host of features that can be upgraded with new technologies as they become available, without the need to fully re-design the suit. This speeds up the development process for each new environment. Improves safety by reducing the risk of excessive development and testing of new technologies. Shortens manufacture and testing time scales and ultimately, reduces costs, providing space agencies and commercial space clients with low-cost space suits, fit for purpose and delivered on time!

Planetary Protech has a Global presence to meet the demands of space and Mars interested nations and commercial space ventures across the Planet. We are a multi-billion dollar company in the making. We are enabling humans to explore another Planet safely by developing innovative solutions to extreme environmental and surface conditions. We are adopting technologies today that are still conceptual and assisting Tech Entrepreneurs bring concepts and prototypes to life as real products with real applications.

MECSuit Technologies and NüwaBlend® intelligent textiles are designed for both our MarsSuit – M33 Space suit for Mars and an extensive range of spin-off products for use on Earth.

About Us

We won’t write fancy, long, hi-tech and global sounding words to describe ourselves in some vein attempt to impress you. We are the old guard of space suit technology from the NASA glory days of Apollo and Shuttle, teamed up with some of the brightest and best of today’s generation. Half of us have retired from day-to-day operations and ‘working for a living’ lives. The other half are some of the finest minds in the current generation of space graduates, engineers and young entrepreneurs. But all of us have one thing in common. We have an insatiable passion for all things Space and a total focus on developing MECSuit architecture (MEC – Modular and Evolution Capable). Over the next ten years Planetary Protech will redefine space suit technology for the next generation of space exploration. Our journey has started with the M33 EVA suit for Mars.

Markets Served

Sub-Orbital Tourism

Sub-Orbital Research

ISS Transit and Return

Mars EVA

First To Market

The MarsSuit – M33 EVA Suit for Mars is the first application of Planetary Protech’s MECSuit design (Modular and Evolution Capable). It incorporates our patented bio management and filtering systems and NüwaBlend®, a multi-layer Intelligent textile, purpose designed for space exploration.

Investor and Partner Relations

Planetary Protech LLC and MarsTech33, a brand name of Planetary Protech LLC has created a unique bridge between the long-term Investor returns of deep space exploration and the medium term revenue opportunities of Space Spin Offs. Technologies built for use on Mars in 2033 and beyond that are re-engineered for use in Sports and Work wear and other products here on Earth now. An R&D investment opportunity with both medium and long-term focus on revenue and profit growth.

MarsTech33. Tomorrow’s Technology Today

QSuit and ROR. A Global franchise opportunity based on protecting the Human Race.

For investment discussion contact Eugene Grace C.E.O. at

Meet The Team

Dr Lawrence H Kuznetz

Cameron M. Smith

Eugene Grace

Mission and Vision

Planetary Protech is currently working side-by-side with aerospace scientists and engineers from the Apollo and Space Shuttle era, as well as the latest breed of Tech Entrepreneurs and MIT and Berkeley graduates that specialise in space technology. We embrace the valuable input we get from our customers and we strive to balance R&D with investor returns.

Our Mission is to focus on the specific challenges of Space Suit design and development for the near-term era of Mars exploration. We combine decades of technical, engineering and scientific experience with state-of-the-art technologies and future tech that is still at the conceptual stage.

We have boundless imagination, but we remain focused.

We have high expectations, but we remain realistic.

We are ‘old school’ and ‘next generation’. Two era’s of space engineering seamlessly juxtaposed with a single mission to redefine Space Suit Technology.

Development Journey

The Original MarsSuit Project


One Giant Leap - From Project to Prototype

A Roadmap for the Industry

The roadmap that NASA has committed to involves spiral development and multiple destinations and operating environments over a relatively short period of time. All of this at a time of very real budget pressures. Edward Hodgson, a Technical Fellow at Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International was quoted in in 2020 as saying ‘the most critical element for success will be the early creation of an effective, modular EVA system architecture.


Exploration MECSuits

Planetary Protech is the only company currently dedicated to the concept of MECSuits (Modular and Evolution Capable).

Key Features

  • Modular sizing to fit everyone
  • Modular, high visibility helmet system
  • Heads-up displays
  • Maximum mobility in low gravity
  • Easy to Don and Doff

Smart MECSuits

In general, future space suits will employ numerous technologies that will make it easier for astronauts to understand how the spacesuit is reacting to its environment and the stresses of the tasks it will be required to perform.

Space Suits will also borrow design and technology features from military, medical and general engineering products, in the same way that space suits will also provide technologies in the manufacture of spin off products that can be adapted for use on Earth. Military's experiments in digital camouflage (using materials like the e-ink in Amazon Kindle displays) for example...


The MarsSuit - M33 is a Rear Entry spacesuit designed to meet the environmental and condition requirements of Mars surface missions. The design, development, manufacture and testing time has been scheduled to produce a fully operational EVA suit ahead of the envisioned launch of manned flights in 2033.

With its patented bi-juxta-pressure system, programmable intelligent material architecture and modular... bio-management system the MarsSuit - M33 MECSuit is the next generation of Space Suit design that will see Astronauts, space explorers and inhabitants of Off World...

Technology and IP

NanoTherm® the M33 EVA suits patented nano-tube cooling and ventilation system is being designed to heat and cool the astronaut’s body by electrically charging intelligent textiles. Extreme temperature protection in this suit ranges from -120 degrees C to 120 degrees C.

The M33’s outer layer will be made of a puncture-resistant material that protects astronauts from micrometeoroids and other abrasive air borne particles. The material, known as NüwaBlend®, was specifically developed for long term use on the demanding surface environment of Mars. NüwaBlend® is a combination of multi weave, intelligent and reactive chemically coated fabrics and smart materials. NüwaBlend® limits exposure to both UV and cosmic rays, temperature fluctuations and abrasive particles traveling at high speed. It also has the capacity to be programmed to react to changing environmental and wearer conditions in real time, allowing heat and moisture to be added or removed from both inside and outside the suit. A series of Super Hepa Filters embedded in the outer layer of the material maintain the space protocols for ‘Forward and Backward Contamination’.